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Human-induced climate change is undeniable. The building sector is the most important contributor, as it accounts for some 40% of all our energy use. But at the same time, it offers an enormous potential to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and lead the way to a low carbon society.

The building sector today lacks actionable feedback about actual energy performance of buildings.

Clearly, buildings need to be made more energy-efficient. Today, building performance is primarily verified in the design phase, through energy labels that are based on buildings plans and written specifications. But we know that a building's design merely indicates an ambition. It does not reflect how the building actually performs when delivered.


Today's energy labels fail to give insight in the actual built quality. Moreover, studies show that the actual performance often turns out worse than expected. At CHARP, we want to see this changed. Applying state-of-the-art, robust algorithms to analyse building performance data collected on site, we assess in detail the real energy performance of buildings.

We provide the necessary tools to assure energy efficiency measures lead to actual savings.

Together with our partners, we offer state-of-the-art IoT and software solutions to generate and analyse building performance data. We benchmark the assessed performance level with that of similar buildings and help optimise energy use instantly where possible.


We offer 3 distinct tools to assess the actual energy performance of your building.

U-value test

Local thermal performance of building elements

Overall heat transfer test

Thermal performance of whole building envelope

Full performance test

Energy performance of building, services, and users

IoT and analytics seamlessly integrated

Our tools are a breeze to configure and set up, so that you can start assessing real energy performance instantly. Together with our IoT partners, we provide a hardware system that is plug-and-play, ultra low-power, secure and extremely reliable. Our software platform seamlessly runs on top, and allows you to intuitively structure building, performed tests and analyses.




We hear you!

An extract from some of our conversations with stakeholders in the building sector:

Building energy expert

CHARP helps me enforce compliance

CEO housing firm

Soon, we can guarantee actual performance levels to our clients.

Partner in ESCO company

To evaluate our investments, we need reliable assessment of a building's actual energy performance.

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